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From a child growing up, I have always had animals in my life. At home I had all sorts from Guinea pigs, rabbits, mice, gerbils and fish to our beloved lurcher Tina

They all played a part no matter how small in size, their impact was huge and will last a life time.

I was amazed how fast Tina could run and turn in the fields. I even taught her to jump over cushions in the house and walk along walls when we were out.

A little seed was planted for the love of agility and the admiration for a dog who would be capable of becoming a 'sports dog'.

When I left home at 21, I decided I'd get a dog of my own. Without a great deal of thought, just the desire to own a dog, I settled on a Doberman. Wow, that dog taught me so much. She led me into many avenues of dog ownership, which gave me so many building blocks for future interests.

In fact, most of the things I learned with my dog Kai, would provide me with the basis for the desired qualities and foundations of the Darleyfalls line.

By now, having dabbled in the show world with Kai, I understood the importance of good structure, genetics and the strength of their influence and the desired qualities for a sports dog.

My interest in agility with Kai, led me to decide on having my first Border Collie Flo. She was from working trials lines. I thought the line must have a good work ethic, so I went to view the litter. There were 3 bitches , one was the prettiest tri , one was the most perfectly marked black and white and the last would be my first Border Collie Flo 'Flynntastic Flo' .

Flo didn't have perfect show type markings, but she had the best attitude and the drive I was looking for. I had the pick of the bitches, but she would be the one for me. I actually viewed them 3 times before deciding, there was no rushing in this time.

I had excellent structure and an amazing work ethic in Flo. Little did I know at that time, she would go on to be the Mother of the Darleyfalls line.

Flo was born in 2001. Nearly two decades on, I continue to steadily increase the dynamics of the line. I have always believed in quality over quantity. I also thrive on the thrill of improvement and development. I insist on a balance of producing scope for our line, whilst keeping the goal of producing the

very best sports dogs, raised in a world class environment.

This leads me to introduce two of my closest friends, who unwaveringly share the love of this line and it's future development. Laura and Moira also co own some of the Darleyfalls family girls.

This has allowed the Darleyfalls family tree to develop and take on new branches whilst maintaining our strict code of providing the very best homes for the girls and subsequently, the best puppyhood for their progeny.

We continue on this exciting journey together and I look forward to seeing where it takes us.

While I have the fire in my belly to do the undo-able, make endless journeys and try the impossible, there will always be excitement for the Darleyfalls line!

I'd love to be able to see into the future and look at the sports dogs of future generations, but for now my ambition is to put a little Darleyfalls stamp on those dogs of tomorrow.


I've been in the dog world since I was 14, starting off in rescue work.

We adopted our first collie from a rescue, I then went onto work for them for 8 years straight from leaving school. Dealing with all different breeds and temperaments, I realised very quickly that I was a collie girl.

From working in rescue i went onto work in a veterinary animal hospital for 11 years, this has given me so much knowledge about health and well being.

Myself and my partner Helen have fostered over 400 rescue dogs, and whelped approximately 30 rescue bitches and raised the pups.

Because of all this, it makes us great candidates to whelp our girls, it comes as second nature, and we just love the whole experience.

When I was 18 I got into agility with our family terrier, and before I knew it I was hooked! I have never looked back, I absolutely love agility and its a big part of my life.

I can still remember the first Darleyfalls I ever met, it was about 11 years ago I met a puppy called 'Stig' at Dashin dogs Agility show, she instantly took my eye, only a baby but her build, her shape, her athleticism, I was instantly drawn in, it turned out she was a Darleyfalls. From that moment I fell head over heels with the breed line, and I've never looked back.

I became great friends with Sandra, over the years i trained and ran 2 of her Darleyfalls in competitions which i absolutely loved, edge of your seat stuff.

 One of them went onto have a litter of puppies, id been waiting 5 years for the right time to have my first Darleyfalls and the right time was finally here.

 I was completely honoured when I was asked by Sandra if I would like to co own one of her female pups, And as they say 'the rest was history'. 

I now have a 'few' more co owned Darleyfalls girls, they are the only line for me now. 

They are just everything you would want in a dog. The most easy going pet at home, yet an insane work ethic. I didn't think it was possible to get both these qualities in a dog, but it certainly is with this line.

From Sandra I've learned a lot about structurm I now love looking at structure and discussing with Sandra whether a dog maybe a suitable match for one of our girls. 

I absolutely love rearing puppies, I thrive on constantly improving how we are raising the puppies to make them the best that they can be, and to produce the best breed line in the world. 

I really do believe we have got the best of everything and i cant wait to see what the future holds for this amazing line.


Written by Sandra-

I met Moira around 15 years ago when she came along with her Rottweiler Forest to the pet obedience classes I held in Markeaton, Derby.

It was always a pleasure to watch Moira work Forest. His style and focus was just brilliant to see. He even did agility with such vigour and enthusiasm, but he was a big soft bear of a dog, such an awesome character.

Sadly, Moira lost Forest at just 2 years old to cancer. She had another Rottweiler Milo and again he was trained incredibly well.

Moira had so much talent in training dogs, they always had amazing enthusiasm.

At the time, I had Flo and Moira showed an interest in her and her working abilities. As time went by, we talked about the possibility of her having a puppy from Flo’s breeding one day.

It wasn’t till Flo’s daughter Ag Ch Darleyfalls Pipistrelle had a litter some years later, that Moira decided she would like a puppy and her first Darleyfalls, Moira stayed up all night with me whilst they were born, Fig is now 9 years old, The rest is history

Moira currently co owns four Darleyfalls girls. Moira’s interest is obedience and HWTM.

She won’t like me for saying it, as Moira is very much immodest and self critical which is why ive had to write this for her, but it really is fabulous how she trains her dogs. 

Her HWTM has developed with her own particular style, following the moves of the top dressage horses.

On a personal note, if Moira wanted to compete, I’m convinced she could really turn some heads. I have to laugh, when I begged Moira to do just one Heel Work To Music competition, she was so nervous, but on the day, she went out and won by a country mile. I’m not sure if Moira will ever go back and compete again or not, I do hope so with all my heart and soul.

It is magical to watch what these dogs can do and are capable of. In short, it is awe inspiring to see what others can do with the Darleyfalls line , way beyond my expectations. So heart warming for me particularly of course, as they are all Darleyfalls girls.

Moira has embarked on some of the extreme lengths I’ve gone to in search of producing these outstanding dogs. 

We’ve had several long journeys and trips away, which we’ve enjoyed immensely. Chatting and laughing all the way to Germany and back to name just one when Rose had her puppies by Eiri Greme Ray.

Looking forward to the next adventure!

All of our dogs live in the home with myself (Sandra), Laura and Moira. We do also have a few co owns with close family and friends.

Our dogs are treated as part of our family, go for long walks every day and work in Agility, heel work to music and/or sheep work. All of our puppies are brought up in a home environment, getting used to noises they will hear every day. We play a variety of sounds to them such as thunder, fireworks etc.. we also like to get them out in the garden to experience different real life surfaces, sights, sounds and smells.

Our aim is simple, to produce the very best sports border collies in the world in every way from structure to temperament and health.

This also means providing the very best start in life for our puppies, we are always wanting to set our sights higher and higher to provide the best, and we have fun and love every minute of the journey.

We welcome people to visit and meet our dogs, we are very proud of them and happy to show them off to people.

****Please note that all puppies sold in the UK are endorsed against breeding, we do not lift breeding restriction under any circumstances ****

We have created a little video of some of the things we get up too.

A Darleyfalls puppy upbringing

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