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On this page you will find our dogs who are no longer breeding, but have been the reason behind the success of the Darleyfalls line.

For the dog nothing has changed, they still live with the owners they always have, and life continues as normal as our dogs are pets first and foremost. 

It just means no more puppies but we want people to be able to still see the dogs that helped create our line for years to come.

Darleyfalls Let It Shine

Darleyfalls Im A Lady x Wainstails Zac My Boy ISDS


November 2022 update-

Shine had her final litter of puppies this year (3 litters in total).

Shine will now be neutered. She has produced 3 outstanding litters which we are very happy with, we have one female from each of her litters (Future, Bright, Matilda) who we hope will continue shines fantastic lines on. We have also kept a co own stud pup(Dude) from Shine x Broccoli who we hope we can use back into our line one day.

Born 26th October 2016

CEA, IGS, MDR1, NCL, PLL, TNS tested clear, Also full eye examination certificate tested clear (No goniodysgenisis)

Hips 8:7

Elbows 0:0

Height 53.5cm Weight 17kg

Shine carries Black and Tri.

Shines parents were bred together due to their fantastic movement, temperament and work ethic. Both have the most loving nature and to watch them move is just beautiful.

Shine has inherited all of the above, she has a great personality, and nothing really bothers her. Shine is tall well put together, powerful,  athletic, leggy with a strong head.

Shine absolutely loves to work, she is strong and pushy when at agility, yet at home is a complete snuggle bug with an amazing off switch around the house. Shine is my shadow, she wants to do everything she can to please me, she is super easy to live with, normally found on her back asleep with 4 feet in the air chilling. When we have guests visit the house she loves to say hello and greet them like long lost friends, we also board peoples dogs for a living so Shine is very use to new dogs coming and going from our home aswell as lots of people.

Shines agility carer has been very stop start (more stop than start), due to a traumatic eye injury getting a thorn in her lens when she was a young adult, that put her out from working for 18 months. Shine had to undergo very intensive treatment to save her eye, the whole time she showed nothing but love for the vets who were doing things to her most dogs would never tolerate. Luckily it was worth it and she still has a normal functioning eye.

Over the last 6 months Shine has done more agility than she has in her life, she is loving it. She has a extremely strong work ethic, and has a beautiful effortless jump style, she is built for power and she likes to use it!!

Shines favourite past times are Agility, swimming and canicross which she gives 110% too as she does everything in life.

Shine has previously had a litter of puppies with Noddy, We kept Future back from that litter.

This is wrote by EO 2018 Team member Laura Stevens

Darleyfalls Let It Shine, AKA Shine.

I’ve had the privilege of being a part of Shines Agility Training journey for a few months now and what an amazingly biddable girl she is. She has a lovely kind temperament with a dash of cheekiness added. A lot of fun to be around. Physically she shows great form and strength with a natural jumping style and makes jumping look effortless. My favourite side to her is her love and pushiness to work. She gives you 100% and appears able to deal with failure well by her effort to keep trying with the same amount of enthusiasm, such a great quality to have. So amazingly keen but balanced with a certain degree of self control. Shine is a lovely girl and a pleasure to train.



Nova was born on the 18th December 2016

CEA, CN, NCL, PLL Clear by DNA

carrier of MDR1 and TNS

Hips 7:8

Elbows 0:0

Nova carries black only

Nova is a super friendly happy girl, she has played at Agility but Sarah is an avid equine enthusiast so Nova has spent her time keeping Sarah company at the yard and horse competitions. Nova is fine with other dogs people etc and very social.

Nova has a super keen work drive and in the right hands could have been an amazing agility dog, but she is also happy being a horse yard dog running round all day long.

Nova is litter sister to Cinna (Darleyfalls Born with Style) who has already achieved amazing things as such a young dog.

Nova has previously had a litter of puppies with Hash (Shadow of Airi speed) who are showing great potential.

Darleyfalls ​Secret Dancer

Darleyfalls Im the Stig x Tanhill Glen


July 2022 update-

Sadly we now have 4 offspring from the Lowie Levi breeding with Pannus :( 

Lowie was examined on the 11th Juluy 2022 and is still currently clear of Pannus.

Lowie has also been neutered now

Important update- 

Unfortunately we have had to remove Lowie and her 3 offspring we kept back with us (Sooty, Take & Lily) from our breed plans. Very sadly 2 of the Lowie pups which are litter mates to our 3, have been diagnosed with Pannus. It was a hard decision to make removing 4 incredible dogs from our line, but for the future health of our line we felt we had too. We have never had Pannus in our line before and hope by making this decision we won't again.

Of course, nothing changes for these dogs, they just won't be used for breeding, but life continues as normal for them.

Breeding is such a minefield, you can do everything right, but still be dealt bad hand, but we can help our line of the future by removing lines that maybe affected.

Thank you

Team Darleyfalls

Lowie was born on the 15th February 2016

CEA, IGS, NCL, PLL tested clear, TNS and MDR1 Carrier Lowie carries Black and Tri.

Hips 4:3

Lowie is out the famous Tanhill Glen and Darleyfalls I'm The Stig.

Lowie is the most sweet beautiful switched on girl, her will to work is second to none.

Lowie has a fantastic structure, she is everything you would want in a dog bred to work. Lowie is the sort of dog you can take anywhere with you.

We are hopeful Lowie will be competing in heel work to music competitions in 2020, she has the most fantastic routines to perform.

Lowie has recently become a mom to a litter of 7 pups (May 2019), they have all inherited Lowies beautiful nature and temperament. We loved the litter that much we kept 3!

We are super excited to see what 2020 has in store for Lowie, we are sure she will hit the competitions with a bang


Darleyfalls Derbyshirose

Darleyfalls Im The Stig 


 Sylvain Of Nagata House

Rose was born on the 20th January 2013

CEA, CN, MDR1, NCL, PLL, TNS clear by DNA

Rose carries black and red

Rose lives with her half sister Lowie (both out of Darleyfalls I'm the Stig) and her daughter Tessie. Rose is also sister to our Sunny and mom to Noddy.

Rose is Mum to our Noddy and Tessie.

Rose is such a loving hard working intelligent little dog.

Being a very attractive bitch, Rose has proved that she has brains aswell as beauty. In our chosen sport of Heel work to music, Rose has excelled by winning her first two competitions, taking her from starter to novice in two giant leaps. Her feat which takes some handlers many years to achieve.

Rose is a real workaholic, who loves her training, but at home she is a treasured member of the family who can be taken anywhere.

We will pursue heel work to music and continue to build our strong bond between us.

Rose has previously produced a litter of puppies who are looking fantastic around the agility circuit across the world.

Rose has now been neutered.

Darleyfalls Im The Stig

Flynntastic Flo 


Brentmoor Skylark

Darleyfalls Im A Lady

Darleyfalls Im The Stig


Rock On Rocketman

Darleyfalls Bright Star

Darleyfalls Groovy Style x Shadow Of Aire Speed (Hash)

Unfortunately, Vegas hip results were not what we would have expected, and unfortunately has had to be removed from our breeding program and has been castrated, unfortunately while being castrated a heart murmur was also discovered which will be closely monitored.

Fortunately for Vega nothing will change and he will live happily in the home he has always known and lead a normal life

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