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Silk Style Over Darleyfalls

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Silk Style Over Darleyfalls

6th February 2017 - 27th April 2021

We have some devastating news to share.

Silk and sunny bred together 8 weeks ago, we was planning to breed them at the end of the year/early next year but silk came in season and didn't bleed so we never knew until they tied, the vets said it was some kind of split season. We talked about the missmate injection but with the risks it carries and it not always being fully effective and some of the horror stories we have heard, we decided that as Silk was fit and well we would proceed with the breeding as normal.

Silk was scanned for 5 pups, which was a huge relief she wasn't having a big litter.

Silk went into labour last Wednesday, all seemed normal except for being early but Silk and sunny could have mated at a earlier date.

Silks labour started and the first puppy came out alive, We then went on to have 9 dead pups, clearly something wasn't right, unfortunately the puppies were decomposing.

Then silk took a turn for the worse, we rushed her to the reproduction vets and they took bloods, Silks kidneys were failing and her blood cell count was bad, her body was full of toxins 💔💔 . Silk never showed any discharge and was eating normally up until the day she went into labour.

The vets advised we get her on shock rate fluids and i/v antibiotics asap. Silk was in the vets for 4 days, yesterday we were called in for a consult and spent a hour with Silk feeding her ham as she was not eating. The vet was pleased with her progress as her kidney values were decreasing and her infection levels reducing, she was still very thin and weak but we had hope.

Then today we received the phone call we was dreading. Over night silks temperature had gone sky high, they added more fluid and different antibiotics. She had developed mastitis overnight, the vet scanned her uterus to see if everything was OK, and then the heart breaking news hit, she also had a pyometra 💔. The vets had a meeting and then called us, they said the only option was for her to have surgery, but she wasn't strong enough to go through anastasia and wouldn't survive it and even if she survived the surgery she wouldn't recover, also the antibiotics she would need to prevent the pyo from getting worse quickly would likely send her kidneys over the edge. Silk was clearly getting weaker and paler, they advised us her prognosis was awful and the kindest option was to let Silk go to releve any suffering. Our hearts are shattered into a million pieces, all we wanted was to get Silk well enough again to be happy, back chasing the waves and herding sheep, snuggling, and eating what ever she wanted, these were her favorite things in the world. But our dreams were shattered. We had to do what was right by her not us, her eyes told us she was ready, we owed her everything, she has been the most amazing dog to have and live with, never no bother and the most calm well adjusted girl you could wish for, she was a honour to have known and loved.

Silks one surviving puppy is still with us being hand reared. Today she is 6 days old. We made a promise to Silk that we would do everything we can to get her legacy through these tough weeks ahead. We have named her Faith, because that's all we have left, only time will tell what will be.

Seeing the future right now for us is difficult, this was such a horrific freak thing that has broken us into a million pieces 💔

Good night our beautiful sweet Silky Milky, we owe you everything, our hearts are broken, go chase the waves and rest easy until we meet again 💔 🌈💔

Forever in our hearts 💕

We have made a video of Silks time with us, we hope we made you happy Milky ❤


Silk was born 6th February 2017

Silk is a fully trained Trials dog, she is exactly what we wanted, temperament, structure, angulation, work drive, and off switch.

We purposely picked both Silk and Ash as adult dogs as they have everything we want to add to our line to use to our boys, and as adult dogs we can see exactly what we have with them

Silk is the sweetest dog, she is friendly with absolutely everyone and everything she meets, never a fighter with other dogs, more the submissive roll on back type around dogs. In work she has tons of drive, she is pushy at work, we like this as it gives her that strong work drive that we love. Around the house Silk is the easiest dog ever! She is quiet, not a barker and switches off perfectly when not working.

Silk had never lived indoors or even been indoors before coming here, yet she took the whole thing in her stride.

We look forward to trialing Silk this winter

A bit of Silks family

Silk has some incredible dogs in her pedigree, to name a few-

 Silks Dad is Kevin Evans 'Jim' who was Wales Nursery champion.

Silks grandad Sweep has an amazing list of achievements, to name a few...

2 x reserve Irish national champion, 3 x International supreme championship finalist

International supreme champion 2014, Semi finalist world trials 2017, National driving champion 2014

2021 PHOTOS-

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