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Sunset Skye Over Darleyfalls

Quill 322544 Thomas Chapman


Gwydr Tess 332514  Thomas Chapman

Skye  (Co Own)

Born 4th July 2017

Red/white smooth coat

Hips Good

Elbows Normal

Clear mydogdna

Skye was just a gem of a find .. fitted the profile exactly, matching perfectly to the type we were looking for in adding to our dream team of special girls.

Skye is from top trialing lineage.

Her drive, fine build and effortlessly gorgeous angulation, along with the sweetest nature and love for toys and amazing flat out speed meant, she just had to join our Darleyfalls family and be thoroughly spoilt. 

Skye is the most easy dog to live with, sweet to everyone and everything she meets

2021 update-

Sky was the most fantastic mother to 5 beautiful puppies. She attended there every need and they have now flown the nest except for Bounty who we have kept back.

Skye has gone back to her normal life of living life to the full, on beautiful hilly walks in Scotland.

November 2022-

Skye has produced 3 beautiful litters of puppies. It's now time for Skye to be neutered and no further puppies will be bred from Skye.

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