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If you would like to register your interest in any of the litters below please complete an application form
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Jess x Sunny
Confirmed in pup


Our Co own girl Jess has been confirmed in pup to our perfect SunnyMan.

We decided to use our Sunny for Jess's final litter of puppies, Sunny is getting older, and fertility experts are telling us his fertility is sadly decreasing. We really hoped this breeding would be successful, as we really believe these 2 will compliment each other really well.... Well these 2 have gone above and beyond and Jess is expecting a large litter!!

Jess and Sunny are very driven, and both are super level headed dogs. Neither of them are the type to loose their cool when working. They both are the most wonderful family pets, they are both confident dogs and extremely social and easy to have around the home. They are both the type of dogs who you take to the pub with you and they lie under the table quietly. 

Sunny has puppies all around the world. He has stamped so many offspring with his wonderful temperament, athleticism, and his perfect level head. 

Due to a large litter anticipated we are taking additional people onto their waiting list. If you are interested in a pup from this cross, please drop us a message to get an application form.

We know alot of people have said how much they want a Sunny puppy at some point. Sunny is 11 years old now and we have no idea how long he will continue to produce for. Other than one potential pairing, we do not plan to have anymore Sunny puppies.

Bright x Swipe


Its been a hard decision to decide to pull Bright from work to breed her. She is the most incredible agility partner and i know with the right handler she would seriously go far!

I knew to pull her out, i had to find the most perfect boy for her. It took alot of time and thought, deciding what would compliment her best. And we are super happy we settled on Swipe. Swipe is the sweetest boy, he has a wonderful personality and super social. His pedigree is full of amazing lines and he himself is looking amazing at agility.

Bright has had people waiting for a puppy from her for a very long time, as we almost bred her last winter and decided not to. For this reason her list is very full. We do not mind adding people just incase, but it is highly unlikely there will be enough pups to make everyone happy.

Just a note Swipe is a TNS carrier too, we need to get the poster amended.

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