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Here are all our plans for 2022 and 2023. We will announce late 2023 plans in a few months time.

 If you would like to register your interest in any of the litters below please complete an application form

Thank you



Noddy's Co owner Jane would love nothing more than to have a puppy from Noddy. We currently have no plans within our own kennel to use Noddy anytime soon. We are willing to let Noddy go to stud, to a suitable female outside of our kennel, for us to have a puppy back as a stud fee. This puppy will then be placed with its daddy Noddy as a co own for us.

The female we are looking for, for Noddy, must have a fantastic temperament, not be spooky, structurally sound, a good jumper and have a strong mental attitude towards work but able to keep a clear mind.

If you think you may have a suitable female, please send us, a 5 generation pedigree, full health results for the female and also to know health results for litter mates. A write up on your females personality. We would also like to see clear videos of the female jumping.

We are happy to send semen out of this country to enable a suitable breeding. The use of Noddy for this litter will be under contract.

Thank you

The Darleyfalls Team

Summer 2023




We are absolutely thrilled with the first litter of Shiver x Sunny offspring and will be repeating this cross this summer. 

Pm us to find out more information and to be put in touch with the owners of the first litter




Winter 2023

late Winter 2023




We are just confirming who the sire will be of Brights litter.

More info coming soon

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