Planned DarLeyfalls Litters/ Puppies 

Darleyfalls line of working ,agility and dog sports.


Here are all our plans for 2022 and 2023. We will announce late 2023 plans in a few months time.

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Alba x SUNNY

Planned mid 2023

Alba is a Tanhill Glen daughter. We are super excited for this pairing in 2023. This breeding is as close as it gets to our Darleyfalls to Tanhill Glen offspring that we produced nearly 7 years ago

 (Stig x Glen & Style x Glen) who produced the most incredible offspring. 

Darleyfalls Shines Bright (Bright)


Darleyfalls Noddy Spots

Planned late 2023

We have changed from our original plans for personal reasons. Sooooooo we have now made our decision who's Brights stud is.

I searched high and low for the perfect boy for Bright, We have been back and forward for a couple of months trying to decide what to do (Thank you to the people who are wanting a pup for being so patent with me as ive probably drove you mad🙈🤣)

I really wanted a sports bred dog for her, and I found the line I was constantly going back to for her was the Eiri Greme line. 

We have actually decided to use our Noddy on Bright! He has a 5* temperament, Fast, Biddle, highly driven, flexible and a super pet!

This breeding will be very similar to the Darleyfalls to Darleyfalls breeding that produced our perfect girl Future 🥰, as Noddy is Futures dad and Shine is her mom. And Shine is Brights mom. So a very close breeding to what made Future.

Bright and Noddy share part of the pedigree on one side, they are distant cousins via Darleyfalls I'm The Stig. The COI on the breeding is 2.1% which is below average for a border collie (COI means Line breeding and the Breed average is 4% for a border collie).

We are so happy we have finally settled on the perfect boy for Bright. We plan to breed Bright on her next season around October time.

Update september 2022-

I have made the decision to postpone this breeding until this time next year(Winter 2023), Bright and me are really developing into a team and Bright is so talented and has so much potential, I feel this winter is the perfect time to brush up our skills so we are ready to give next years competition season a real good go! If I was to breed her now (she is due in anytime), it would put us out for around 5-6 months as we do not rush our girls back into training/competing at their full height post puppies, we like them back at peak fitness before competing, so breeding her now would have a knock-on affect for my hopes for next year. I know everyone will be so disappointed, but I feel I need to be selfish and give me and Bright a really good winters training. Bright absolutely loves to work so is more than happy with this plan. We completely understand if you don't want to wait, or want to go else where for a puppy. Or we do have other plans over coming months were happy to discuss with you if you wanted a puppy sooner than later.




We have made tentative plans for Bounty for 2023.

These will be subject to Bountys health testing 

Kepa is half brother to our Noddy.

UPDATE- Bounty has passed all her health testing, this breeding will go ahead late 2023!