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Flynntastic Flo of Darleyfalls

 Flo 5.4.01 - 3.5.18 

My first border collie and Mother of the Darleyfalls.

Owning Flo was like giving a Ferrari to a learner driver and I tried every gear! 

Along with our agility, she won obedience classes with beautiful style and even won an open working trial ( my favourite trophy).

Every single one of her 17 pups went to grade 7 along with two Agility Champions.

I feel proud to have spent 17 years with Flo by my side. When she had to leave, I was certain I didn’t want to feel sad but instead celebrate her life and everything we did together. 

She’s left me with the lovely Darleyfalls dogs I have today and I love to see a little piece of Flo still winning in the dogs that are related to her. 

Sleep tight xxx

Where did the name Darleyfalls come from?

The origin of the name Darleyfalls

I was born in Darley Abbey and the first Darleyfalls were born there too.

The name is brought about from the Darley in Darley Abbey but also the Darley Arabian thoroughbred horses.

 I wanted my line to have the local link which is sentimental to me and of my family but also I wanted to breed some of the very best Border Collies in the world, as were the Darley Arabian thoroughbreds some of the finest horses in the world.

The ‘Falls ‘ came from the weir at Darley Abbey. Again the local link but I always see water as the giver of life itself !

This photo of the waterfall at darley abbey is relevant to the origin of the name of Darleyfalls

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