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Noomi   (Co Own)

Newbold Noomi At Darleyfalls

Newbold Jim 00/348934


Groesfaen Layla 00/351214


Born 7th January 2020

Hips 4:5

Elbows 0:0

Clear for the full mydogdna panel including EOD.

Noomi was bred by Simon Cottrell, her parents are Simon's Jim to his Layla.

July 2022 update-

Noomi has grown up into the most wonderful girl, she has a 5* temperament, fantastic structure, speedy, agile and the most fantastic easy pet. We couldn't have wished for anything more

January 2021 update-

Noomi is working full time as a sheep dog on our friends farm, she is still owned by us but it was clear Noomi was made to work sheep all day long and our friends had just the job for her. Noomi is thriving and living the best life. She has been a asset to the farm and is loving daily work but at night snuggling up in the house with her spaniel friends.

Noomi is sister to Max Sprinz 'Newbold Tones' who is being trained in agility.

We will update with some videos of Noomi working asap

We have confirmed our breed plans for Noomi, Please see our 'Planned litters page' for more information.

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