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Sooty's first week of sheep school

May 2020

Future training with Barrie James, Laura Stevens & Naarah Cuddy

January  2020

Noddy training

January 2020 

Future training with Marita Davies and Nicola Garrett

5th January 2020

Future puppy camp with Naarah and Martin

12 months old

28th/29th December 2019

Lily, Tessie & Rose

A quick training session at home

December 2019

Noddy training with Dan Shaw 

November 2019

Future training with Martin Reid

November 2019

10 Months old

Shine training with Naarah Cuddy

November 2019

Future training with Lee Windeatt

November 2019

10 months old


Sheep work 2019

Sunny and Nova

Short video of Sunny and Nova running

Sunny training with Zeljko Gora

June 2019

Noddy training with Zeljko Gora

June 2019

Sunny competing in the Jump cup final 2016

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