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Just Like Jess At Darleyfalls  (Co Own)

ISDS 00/360348

Roy 00/302840


Maze 00/339819

Hips- Fair

Elbows - Normal

OCD - Free

Clear for the whole mydogdna panel including EOD

Jess just immediately stood out to us, she's a jet black stunner with a perfectly sound structure. Her looks grabbed our initial attention , but scratch the surface and you'll see her pedigree just oozes so many top class dogs, such as Aled Owen's Bob (00/224454) and Roy (00/200199), Bobby Dalziel's Joe (00/272330) , Kevin Evans' Spot (not his current red Spot, but the 2010 International supreme champion 00/272008🏆) 

& Kevin's Jaff (00/231424), Tony Rofe's Lad (00/275730), to name just a few of the fresh and highly desirable lines we are thrilled to be bringing to Darleyfalls.

At home and out and about Jess is just so sweet, her temperament is unwaverably solid, perfectly natured and friendly in all situations. Jess is really such a happy girl , if she were human, she'd be smiling all the time!

6 weeks pregnant ⬆️

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