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Darleyfalls Into The Future

Darleyfalls Let It Shine x Darleyfalls Noddy Spots


 Future was born 31st December 2018

PRA , IGS, MDR1, NCL, PLL, TNS, CEA DNA health tested clear

Full mydogdna profile clear (214 tests)

Also full eye examination certificate tested clear (No goniodysgenisis).

Early onset deafness tested CLEAR

Height 49cm 

Weight 13.4kg

Future carries Black, Red and Tri.

Future has some fantastic dogs In her pedigree including Darleyfalls, Eiri Greme Ray, Ag Ch Sylvain of Nagata House.

Future was from our first ever Darleyfalls x Darleyfalls litter. We picked to do this mating as both Noddy and Shine both have the temperament, movement and characteristics of the line that we love. We hoped by breeding these two, we would get a dog with sound temperament, structure and movement and we certainly have that with Future.

Future is the most sweet snuggly girl, she oozes love and nothing seems to bother her. Future has been the most easy dog to train I've ever had, she just picks up things at crazy rates, the only way to describe it is as if she has been here before??!!

Future is currently 10 months old and just embarking on her agility carer, she has shown fantastic potential with great speed, and has a very strong work ethic. We are very excited to see what's to come for Future.......

**Why a Darleyfalls to Darleyfalls breeding?**`

We picked to do this mating as we are breeding to type, we have the qualities we want to reproduce.

The two dogs are not too closely related, but enough to double up on the desired qualities within the Darleyfalls line. We would never risk a double up on potential undesirable genes only the very best which we believe we have with Future's parents.

We have extended the Darleyfalls family tree by outcrossing to dogs from other lines and countries including Japan, Germany and Croatia. We were then able to integrate these fresh genes into the Darleyfalls family and use sensible line and type breeding to produce consistent quality and type.

2021 update-

Future is our idea of complete perfection, she has the most fantastic temperament, is bomb proof in all situations, her structure is perfect too, and she has the most amazing work drive and jump action.

We really did get what we hoped for when we bred her parents.

Once covid allows we hope to get Future competing and see where she takes us! 


Recent Photos-

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