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Crofters Alba 

Tanhill Glen


Midge 00/362780


Hips 4:5

Elbows Normal

Tested via mydog dna for 212 diseases

Mdr1  + 1 copy, EOD, ICM, Tns carrier

 clear for the rest of the panel

This girl matches our desired 'type' perfectly. Even her name must have been a 'wee' sign she was meant to be for us. Alba means 'Scottish' and she's loving life in the Highlands of Scotland, out with us biking, running the forest trails and swimming in Loch Eck.

Her gorgeous temperament and endless patience towards puppies and other dogs matches equally to her endless stamina and supreme drive.

Her drive had been previously concentrated on sheepwork with a view to trials as she matured had we not spotted her as a youngster. This drive, had it been put to a sports focus would have been just incredible. We have taken her early beginnings onboard and have worked with her intial training habits which were aimed at encouraging her chase instincts and moved towards toy motivation and mountain bike trekking on the hills, which has proved to further improve her amazing fitness and stamina.

She certainly has a super fine build, but with a wirey 'fast twitch' movement.

You will understand the meaning, when you see a dog standing on the start line in agility , it's look and stance invariably tells us if it's a speed merchant or not. Alba is just that , she looks 'electric' even in a stand.

As enthusiastic and driven as she is, her lovely temperament also means she doesn't see the need to bark! She's just happy with the world and accepts everything in her stride and her tail is always wagging. She's never spooked by anything, literally just accepts everything as it crops up in life.

Our dream is to breed Alba to Sunny 

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