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Darleyfalls Rose P​etal

Darleyfalls Derbyshirose x Eiri Greme Ray


Tessie was born 29th may 2017

PRA , IGS, MDR1, NCL, PLL, TNS DNA health tested clear, CEA carrier.

Hips 3:6

Elbows 0:0

Tessie carries Red, Red tri and Black, she is negative for the long hair gene (can only produce smooth coated)

Tessie is by Eiri Greme Ray from Germany, out of Darleyfalls Derbyshirose (Rose), Tessie is Sister to Noddy.

Choosing a puppy from that litter seemed like an impossible task as we loved every single one . We did finally decide on Tessie and Noddy to stay.

Tessie is absolutely gorgeous, leggy with an athletic build. This girl oozes talent, she is very agile and nimble and has a perfect attitude to work. Tessie absolutely loves her heel work to music, she can do some amazing moves which you can see in her photos.

Tessie has a fantastic nature, she is great with everything she meets and has so much potential.

Tessie will hopefully be competing in heel work to music competitions in 2020


Tessie 2021

Tessie showing off some of her tricks

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