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Agility Champion 

Darleyfalls Cryptic Enigma

We are thrilled to post that Marita and Cicada became the 3rd ever Darleyfalls Agility Champion in the UK.

To say we are proud of this pairing is an understatement!!!

What a Team they are, Roll on the Eo's!!

June 2023

AG CH Darleyfalls Pipistrelle 'Pip'

Flynntastic Flo x Brentmoor Skylark.

Pip achieved the title 'Agility Champion`, she has won 7 championship tickets with Lee Windeatt. Pip got reserve ticket at Crufts in the championship final.

Pippy also won Olympia 2016 along with many other finals along the way.

Darleyfalls Derbyshirose 'Rose' won her first two Heel work to music competitions taking her from starters to novice

Darleyfalls rising sun 'Sunny' qualified for Olympia 2016

AG CH Darleyfalls Dark secret 'Kizzy' qualified for Olympia within 6 months of competing, and went on to win pairs at Olympia.

In 2010 Kizzy won the British open at the kc festival, she also won 3 tickets to make her agility champion. Kizzy qualified for the EOs and the WAO. 

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