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🍾Here we give a massive shout out to everyone who has been out competing during the 2022 season.

We want to say a huge well done to everyone, whether that Winning a championship class, getting your first clear round, or even just hitting your own personal goal !

 We are so proud of each and everyone of our puppies an their owners.

Here are some of the Darleyfalls achievements in 2022 🥂

Silk x Noddy

🌟  Craig & Clyde have moved from A1 to A2 out in Europe. They have also visited the UK and came 1st in Grade 4 agility. Clyde lives out in Portugal.

🌟Isaac & Eazy have had 8 wins this season and won up to grade 4. They also came 3rd in the Iconix final

🌟Pippa - Ray said 'We couldn’t have wished for a better start to pips agility career. G2 to grade 5.5 and Qualified for Crufts novice final in 2023. I Couldn’t ask for more!'

🌟 Sapporo - Her owner Sarah said '2022 West Coast Open: She made 3 of 4 finals, placed 2nd in two runs and earned her first podium and medal, 3rd place for masters combined. She also ended up in 4th place for the team spot 😳. I can’t wait to see what she does at tryouts next year! 😍'. Sapporo lives out in the USA.

🌟Sky - Her owner Poppy says 'I'm Over the moon with sky's first season! I think our main achievements would have to be

Qualifying for 3 classes at Crufts 2023 ADOTY, U18s Jumping, and Pairs. Competing internationally for Team GB in Italy at the Para Agility World Championship winning a silver medal. Also getting a Team GB PSQ Invite

We have also had Multiple KC wins and Placings, including winning from Grade 1 to Grade 3.

Lowie x Levi

🌟Sarah & Lishy have won up to grade 7(Champ level) and they also qualified for the Olympia semi finals.

🌟Georgie & Cuba Started in grade 4 at the beginning of the year and finished in grade 5 with 2 wins towards grade 6

Rose x Rey

🌟Jane & Noddy Won into grade 7. They have competed in 2 championship finals.

Qualified for the KC Novice Cup final at Crufts 2023. Qualified for the Olympia semis

Qualified for the KC British Open final in pole position.

Won the Iconix by Night final Noddy has also sired 2 litters of puppies within the Darleyfalls kennel this year.

🌟Barrie & Oggi have reached 2 Iconix finals finishing 3rd. Oggi has won up to grade 4 at kennel club shows and

 were also selected for the World Agility Open in Holland 2022.

🌟Ainsley & Zing represented Team Canada at the European Opens. 

Stig x Glen

🌟Donna & Vibe- They won their first Championship Ticket which qualifies them for Crufts 2023 and PSQ Team tryouts in 2023!

They have also picked up a Reserve Championship Ticket and also qualified for Crufts Singles 2023.

Donna and Vibe have also represented Scotland at WAO 2022.

Donna says 'Bestest boy in the world!'

🌟Ken & Bond started the year at grade 4 and are now grade 6 and have 2 wins towards grade 7! Bond has had 13 wins and nine 2nds and loads of other placings this year. Ken & Bond also qualified for the Iconix by night finals 2022.

Nova x Hash

🌟 Final's owner Steve says 'they had a fantastic 2022, finally getting a chance to compete at some bigger events. His 4th trial took us to IFCS and his international debut. I am beyond grateful for this dog and the journey we have had so far. Really looking forward to 2023!' Final lives in Canada.

🌟Ken & Rock started at grade 2 and are now grade 4. Rock has had 10 wins and seven 2nds and lost count of how many fastest time but with faults.

Rock also qualified for The Iconix by night final, which Rock had the fastest time but unfortunately had 2 poles down.

Shine x Noddy

🌟Jenny & Darcy have gone from Grade 4 to Grade 7 this year and are now eligible for Championship classes.

🌟Helen & Future have won a jumping class and picked up a 2nd place. Helen has finally taught Future her contacts and can now enter agility classes instead of only jumping classes. They cant wait for 2023 to get back out competing!

🌟Lilt - Her owner Jackie says 'Another great year for Lilt, going from grade 3 to grade 5

Grade 3- Six 1st places, Four 2nd places, Four 3rd places. Grade 4 - Six 1st places, Four 3rd places. Grade 5- Two 1st places , Two 2nd places.

And lots of other places and clears aswell😍'

🌟Paul & Kobi started off year in grade 3 and is now grade 6. They had at least 10 wins this season.

🌟Kiss's owner Sharon says 'After a horrible start to the season ( march , April, out of action) with her dog walk accident, Kiss has won from grade 2-4 picking up many wins along the way. Kiss got into the iconix final too. She has had 2 winter shows at grade 4 and won a jumping and had two places last weekend where she felt amazing just need to be a bit tighter on turns and her dog walk is a stop at present so that is a bit slower but she has gained so much more confidence.

Nova x Joff

🌟Marita & Cicada won from Grade 2 to grade 7.

Qualified for the Novice cup final at Crufts 2023, qualified for the Olympia semi finals. Won several championship rounds, made all but one championship final and won her first Championship ticket, Which also quafies her for Crufts 2023 and for PSQ Team tryouts in 2023.

🌟Michelle & Shiney's first year competing, they have won out of G2 by winning the Agility Club Starters Challenge heat and went on to win the 1-4 Crystal Vision heat giving him his first win towards grade 4.

And today on New Years Eve as i write this, Michelle and Shiney have just won 2 classes to take them grade 4!!

They also Qualified for the Dogs In Need final in August this year.

🌟Lindsay & Cruz say 'We won an agility challenge qualifier but couldnt make the final. Currently 2 wins towards grade 4 🤩'

🌟 Vicki & Onyx Got to Grade 4 this season and also made Iconix final and British Agility Novice Final

Shine x Jamie

🌟Bright- Her owner Laura says 'This was Bright's first season competing, we wasn't doing contacts in the ring until midway through the season. Bright goes even faster at shows and I struggled to keep up. She ended this season with finally getting our first clear round and won the class! I love this dog so much, and she is a thrill to run.

🌟Caroline & Jude - First season competing….

Grade 2: 5 wins (3x jumping & 2x agility).   Grade 3: 3 wins (1x jumping & 2x agility)

Grade 4: 2 wins (1x jumping & 1x agility)

Qualified for the Agility Challenge Finals held in September, finishing in 3rd place

🌟Jango - His owner Jonathan says 'First full competing season in 2022, still trying to control his speed

Four 1sts, three in grade 2 winning out at The Agility Club in July 2nd biggest agility show in the UK. 1 win in September in grade 3 agility

5x 2nds and 1x 3rd, 1x Clear Round'

🌟 Becky & Zen have had a steeplechase win and really starting to develop as a team after their first season competing.

🌟Lisa & Havoc have got their AKC novice jumpers title; AKC novice standard title; NACSW (nosework) NW1 title. Some UKI qualifying runs

And good showing on advanced courses at the UKI West Coast Open this year. Havoc lives in the USA.

🌟Mel & Flick have had 5 jumping wins, a steeplechase win and a 2nd in jumping.

And today on New Years Eve have won Grade 2 Agility meaning they move to Grade 3 in the New year!

Lad x Zac

🌟Paul & Bodhi made 3 champ finals this season and picked up many places along the way.

🌟Becky & Tali started off year in grade 5 and is now grade 7 and eligible for Championship classes. Tali made the champ final at first Championship show and has made 1 more champ final since. Tali also qualified for the Showtime Novice Cup and came 3rd in final and qualified for the CSJ Highland Agility Final, but they decided not to attend the final.

Ash x Noddy

🌟Skyes owner Carol says 'We were so excited to get through to the Semi Final of the starters cup at the Kennel Club International Festival this year and have gained 2 jumping wins since. Just chasing that agility win for G3 but not in a rush the main thing is that we are having so much fun 🥰❤️ Skye is just a dream and I can never thank you enough for her.

🌟Zhym's Owner Katleen says they past Zhyms agility license in may, won some grade 1 competitions and got all his points to go to grade 2. Zhym has already 1 point for grade 3…. This all happened in 7 months 🤩

My best boy 🖤🖤🖤 Zhym lives in Belgium.

🌟Dart's owner Chris says 'Dart is a fantastic girl. She came 2nd in a steeplechase and has had some amazing near misses this year. Stonking times but with a missed weave entry or a pole down. I am totally in awe of her and how quickly she learns everything. We’ve dabbled in Scentwork and just started man-trailing. She’s just a natural. She’s even taught herself to open doors - maybe I could do without that one 😀 I’m loving the journey 💕'.

🌟 Sergio & Coley have already been selective for WAO 2023 in Games and Biathlon! They have moved from A1 to A2 this season too. Coley lives in Portugal.

🌟 Razos owner Maria says 'We haven't done much, although for me it is, because each course with him is a great experience. Razo, in his first season competing, managed to climb from A1 to A2. In all his clean runs (A1) he was in first position. He was also been able to enjoy a great competition, such as the Border Collie classic, only as an experience, in the A1 category. Razo lives in Spain.

🌟 Tui's owner Sandra says 'We are easing into our competition journey slowly and I've used 2022 for a lot of 'training in the ring' experience to help us build confidence and consistency in our teamwork. Between USDAA and UKI, Tui has won 6 classes and has a couple of additional placements. He's moved from starters to advanced in USDAA jumping and gamblers. Super excited to see what 2023 has in store for us!' 

Tui lives in California

Ash x Sunny

🌟  Riots owner Sasha says 'Riot earned his barn hunt novice, open and senior titles. He got high in class in every senior run towards his title. Working on our master title now. He also played in his first updog disc event placing top 3 in his division for all three games he played

He also played in his first toss and fetch world it time for me to get better at throwing this frisbee. Riot lives out in the USA.

🌟Flyte, her owner Val says 'Baby Flyte, not quite old enough to enter Kennel Club shows but did 2 steeplechase runs, 1st, 2nd and overall winner at an independent show!!'

Style x Glen

🌟  Syclones owner Isabella says 'Our highlight of the year 2022 was for sure to represent Austria at AWC, winning the individual ranking of the Team Agility run there with a clean run and by far the best time and therefore also winning the Agility ranking as a team. Super proud of my boy! 💙 Syclone lives out in Austria.

Shiver x Sunny

🌟True's owner Shauna says 'We have just started our journey together and at 8 months of age have graduated 3 classes and one online class. Excited for the future!' True lives in Canada.

Jess x Caefelin Clem

Claire & Nip - Nip's full name with titles is 'pupTrCh Darleyfalls Nip Tuck pupETr AATr ATD NPTr'

He has the following awards:

Canine Hoopers UK, Online Good Hoopers Awards, Foundation, Bronze, Silver, Gold

-TDI Trick Awards-

Novice Puppy Trick Dog,Intermediate Puppy Trick Dog, Advanced Puppy Trick Dog, Expert Puppy Trick Dog, Puppy Trick Dog Champion, Novice Amateur Trick Dog, Novice Proven Trick Dog, Intermediate Amateur Trick Dog, Advanced Amateur Trick Dog

-DMWYD Trick Awards-

Novice Trick Dog, Intermediate Trick Dog, Advanced Trick Dog

-UK Hoopers Awards-

Hooperstar Level 1, Hooperstar Level 2

Some of our stud dogs offsprings results that we have been sent

🌟Sunny puppy - Priddypaws Drift has had 3 wins last weekend (2 Agility and a jumping) towards grade 6.

🌟Sunny puppy Pepper owned and bred by Erwin say 'They qualified for AWC , E.O. , WAO 2023 . Final @ Helvetic Agility Masters , BCC.

2022 was a super year for us 🥰'

🌟Sunny x Grand Oakes

Elizabeth who is Relic's owner says 'They have had a great 2022! We moved to AKC Master in both Jumper and Standard. This year we went to the US Open and had some fantastic runs at our first big event! She placed 5th in the Master Series Agility Finals. She is so fast and smart! At home she is very easy to live with and settles very nicely. On the agility field she gives me everything and loves every second of it! She is such a fantastic little girl and I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes the two of us!

🌟Sunny x Grand Oakes -

Picards owner says 'Picard is such a delight - a well-rounded, happy-go-lucky pup. We only started our agility journey in Dec 2021 so in 2022, we progressed from AKC Novice and now competing at the Masters level and racking up points and double Qs for our MACH. We're also competing in UKI in the Senior division. Before agility became all-consuming, Picard earned his AKC Rally Advanced title, his AKC Advanced Tricks title, his Barn Hunt Senior title, AKC Herding Test and his World Canine Freestyle Organization Musical Freestyle Beginner title! He also LOVES to play in our local Toss and Fetch and UpDog frisbee competitions. One title he will NEVER earn is dock diving! He thinks water is acid. He is everything I have ever dreamed of as my first border collie and agility dog. Thanks to you and Julie Oakes for making this possible!'

🌟Sunny x Grand Oakes

Drivers owner Kat says 'He has only been competing since the end of March and had a perfect (4 runs, 4 Qs) weekend last week at the Excellent level

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