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Darleyfalls Shine's Bright

Darleyfalls Let It Shine 


 Tweeddale Jamie


Born 15th February 2020 

Clear for full mydogdna panel (212 tests) including clear EOD.

Hips Good (OFA) / BVA 9:7 / ANKC 6:6 (We had Brights hips done when the BVA was 6-12 months behind and we was not sure when we were going to breed her. We sent her hips to all 3 registries to make sure they were back in time. We then decided to delay breeding Bright anyway (Typical ay!) 

Elbows 0/0 Normal

It’s always a difficult decision choosing a puppy from your own litter. They were a very close litter in all aspects including their personalities and in structure.

We made the decision when the puppies were five weeks old, it was really difficult and we went round and round looking at the puppies taking photographs and considering their personalities.

But Bright maybe stood out a little bit more especially on that day.

She ticked all the boxes that we needed at just five weeks old , her angulation looks perfect, good length from hock to her rear feet, which will give her plenty of forward power, straight legs, Nice straight top line , a good slope of shoulder and straight legs to the front. she also has a nice elegant neck and is generally elegantly built which we really like, her head also looks nice and she’s got a nice sweet face.

She also has plenty of drive and is a really sociable little puppy. We were looking For a dark , black and white puppy from this litter, they were all really dark, not too much white at all.

Bright just tipped the balance a little for us personally and delivered what we were looking for.

Bright is now 12 weeks old and doing great, she is super intelligent and always ready to work. We are very excited to see how Bright progresses over the next 12 months

November 2020 update:

Bright is growing into a stunning athletic young lady, and is oozing potential in her agility foundations. 

Her brain is amazing, she just 'gets it'. 

We are now embarking on our agility training and cant wait to see what the future holds

Keep checking back for more information

Feb 2021 UPDATE-

Bright is a year old now, she has grown up into a gorgeous athletic flexible girlie and we are very pleased with her.

Personality wise, Bright lives and breaths for her owner Laura, a bomb could go off while she is working and she wouldn't flinch, Bright will say hello to people but she doesn't have any value in being a people dog to strangers... But Bright will work for absolutely anyone (including strangers) though, she is always ready to go to work no matter who you are.

she has the most amazing work ethic, always ready to go, but has the most fantastic off switch around the house. She loves other dogs and is very sweet with them. She has started her Agility work but due to covid it has come to a stop, in the mean time Bright has turned her paw to sheep dog work where she is showing natural talent and is extremely keen with strong eye.

We are excited to see how Bright develops in agility, she has shown a promising start. We plan to have Bright hip and elbow scored in the next few months. She has been DNA tested and is clear of the full mydogdna panel including EOD

November 2021 update-

Bright is doing amazing with her Agility. She has such a smart brain and keeps a cool calm head. She can fail repeatedly and not get upset or over the top. We recently trained with an international world medal holder, she loved Bright, repeatedly commenting on her amazing brain and her ability to stay calm when failing and still give 110%. We just love Bright so much


10 months

10 months

BRIGHT 11 months old

January 2021


January 2021


January 2021


January 2021

11 Months old

Bright 1 year old-

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