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Darleyfalls Bounty Sunrise

Darleyfalls Rising Sun


Sunset Skye Over Darleyfalls


Hips 8:7

elbows normal

clear of mydogdna panel (212 diseases)

We kept Gorgeous Bounty back from our Sunny x Skye breeding. We absolutely adore this girl, she is everything we breed for, temperament, structure, level headed. She reminds us so much of her gorgeous dad Sunny, and if she turns out anything like him we will be over the moon.

We have never bred specifically for colour, and Bounty's colour was a surprise to us, we knew Sunny produced Lilac but we had no idea with Skye, if Bounty would have been black and white we would still have kept her as she is everything we want, colour makes no difference to us :)

We are looking forward to watching this girlie grow, she is destined to be an Agility dog


18 Weeks

5 months

5 months

5 Months

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