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Reef is from a litter of 3 our of our Darleyfalls Into The Future to the legend that is Fetch Granting Pleasure owned by Marco Giavoni. Fetch was without doubt a world class dog, probably the most talented Agility dog ever lived, his speed, athleticism, turns, and his fantastic brain, he really did have it all. This mixed with our super talented perfect girl Future we are super excited for this combination! Gifts litter mates are Reef and Forest.

As Fetch died a couple of years ago these puppies were born via frozen A.I, we were indeed extremely lucky to have got these 3 puppies as no other Fetch puppies have been born since he passed and there has been attempts. These are also the first born UK Fetch puppies. As you can imagine be are happy beyond belief, we finally have this world class dog as the father to 3 of our offspring.

As you can imagine there was no way they was going anywhere. All 3 have been kept within the Darleyfalls family.

Reef is a super puppy with a fantstic personality. She is super keen to work and is already showing great promise in HTM

. We Will update with more information as she develops.

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